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KHOUBOURAT is a Human resources program by IRADA aiming at matching job seekers with employers within its member companies and the community at large mainly, and to assist candidates in their curriculum vitae writing, career guidance and skills enhancement at no cost to the candidates.

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Job Categories

Entry Level

Whether you are a first entrant to the job market, a fresh graduate, or changing your career path, click here for opportunities. This level’s experience varies from 0 to 2 years of professional experience.


Mid Level

If you have professional experience above 2 years and less than 7 years, click here and check the various opportunities. Positions in this level include: sales executives, account managers, administrators, executive assistants.


Senior Level

If you have 7 years+ of professional experience and seeking new challenges and would like to develop yourself, you will find senior positions that vary from a sales manager, to bank branch manager or Engineer project manager and chief financial officer.


General Labor

If you are a semi-skilled worker/ manual worker and you acquired your skills through practice or have a rare expertise, click here for opportunities. Jobs in this category include: drivers, electric technicians, machine operators, elderly sitter… experience in this category varies.


Internship and Volunteering

Internship and volunteering opportunities are available all year round within IRADA companies and the community at large. At KHOUBOURAT we encourage to start internship starting grades 11 and 12 if you want to build your profile and add value to your curriculum vitae and increase your chances of being hired. We also take volunteers to assist in our various community and social responsibility events and projects.


Government Sector

This section is dedicated to the announcements of vacancies within the Lebanese Government sector. You will find links to the civil service board site where notices for contests are posted.
At KHOUBOURAT we encourage and support candidates to apply to government/ public sector vacancies, and refer them to needed training and test preparation courses.