Recruitment Services

Recruitment services at KHOUBOURAT are available as short term or single position contract.
Single position contract: It is a one-time service provided for the employers according to their request. It ensures providing them with the employees according to their exact criteria.
Short term contract: this service is based on a short term contract where employers can benefit from our service of matching the candidates we have to their required positions in the time span determined by the contract.

Candidate Referral

Recruitment process can be time and effort consuming due to the large number of applicants. In KHOUBOURAT, we make this process easier by selecting the most matched candidates and referring them to the employers for final contact. Whether temporary recruitment (maternity leave, short term alternative employees…) or permanent recruitment, our services aim at identifying your company’s needs and finding the right fit within your budget and time frame.


We provide employers with high school students, university students, or fresh graduates interns in different domains like: engineering, management, human resources, graphic design, research, accounting…) These interns satisfy the company’s needs of workers, enhance the experience level of the current interns and open a door for future job opportunities to meet the company’s needs.


We provide training whenever needed whether to our candidates or to the employees of a certain company depending on the employers’ needs. Based on our experience in this field, and the support of professional training agencies. These training sessions help your companies get their employees to be more fit for the required tasks in the required field.

Candidates And Employees Testing

One of the most common issue in the job market is the mismatching between the skills required by the employers and the skills that the employees have. This is why we have this service, where we provide pre-screening to our candidates and a full range of quality assessments including tests for software, financial, industrial and clerical positions. These testing services are supported by the help of some leading testing agencies, to guarantee that the chosen candidates will be the perfect match to the positions needed. Noting that the test is only an indicator of what the candidates have as skills.

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