LinkedIn Profile Optimization Counseling

At KHOUBOURAT HR Program we offer LinkedIn profile optimization counseling for all individuals. We are spreading awareness on the importance of having a professional LinkedIn profile. This will help all individuals (Jobseekers and employers) to be part of the professional network where 95% of fortune 500 companies and over 840 million profiles are networking.

CV | Resume Writing Counseling

We offer guidance on how to create a suitable CV| Resume for all levels of job seekers. A good resume helps you land an interview and properly network your profile whether in person or on career platforms.

Job Matching

With our experience and advanced ATS technology, we are able to match candidates and employers based on set criteria (skills, experience, education…). Electronic platforms are built to recommend the most suitable match among the candidate pools and the employer requests.

Job Opportunities

At KHOUBOURAT HR Program we provide job seekers with all level job opportunities inside and outside Lebanon. We have a wide professional network with employers that considers KHOUBOURAT as main source for their institution's talent acquisition.

Career Guidance & Employability Skills Enhancement

We offer employability skills (CV|Resume writing, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Interview tips, etc.. ) enhancement training and workshops. We aim at strengthening job seekers' and employees' current skills or enhance their job search and application performance so that they can meet their personal career goals and strengthen their positive skill development.
N.B: Check our Training section and enjoy watching our recorded training and workshops.

Training & Seminars

At KHOUBOURAT HR Program we provide a wide spectrum of training and seminars to all life long learners. In addition to our employability skills training and workshop we provide various topics to enrich people's skills and knowledge.
N.B: Check our Training section and enjoy watching our recorded training and workshops.

Internship Program

We offer internship opportunities to Grade 11 and 12 students, university students, fresh graduates and re-entrants to the job market, allowing them to get the work skills needed to embark on the career journey. We provide hand on experience in most fields (engineering, management, human resources, graphic design, research, accounting…). We have in place memorandums with schools and universities to promote the importance of internship programs at all levels.

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