KHOUBOURAT Human resources program is a Lebanese program by IRADA aiming at matching job seekers with employers within its member companies and the community at large mainly, and to assist candidates in their curriculum vitae writing, career guidance and skills enhancement at no cost to the candidates.

We are an independent service program established to assist IRADA achieve its objectives by promoting social solidarity. Our mission is to contribute to employment and workforce development and match employment needs.

KHOUBOURAT provides a full spectrum of human resources services including a dedicated search engine and free access to member employers to its applicant pool.

At KHOUBOURAT we encourage candidates to apply to the public sector and provide them with needed training support.
We believe in the participation of the youth and mature workers in the economy and contribution into their well-being.
KHOUBOURAT provides specialized employment services to businesses primarily within our members and to the public at large, we promote skills development to improve work productivity.

KHOUBOURAT services are addressed to a large target gathering fresh graduate, experienced job seekers, mature and labor intensive workers as well as the less fortunate.

At KHOUBOURAT, activities are designed and tailored to a range of individual circumstances and community dynamics to enhance opportunities to secure a decent job and career development.
The aim is to assist them on their road to self-reliance and employment integration.

We continuously encourage the participation of various labor market partners to achieve and promote KHOUBOURAT mission

Under the patronage of his excellency Prime Minister Saad Hariri, KHOUBOURAT HR Program by IRADA, was launched during IRADA’s Economic Dinner held on Nov 16 at the Four Seasons hotel in Beirut.

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